30 & Fabulous


A cake topper made for my daughter-in-law. The word portion is 4" x 6 3/4". Maybe someone can use the attached file.

30 & Fabulous Cake Topper.zip (6.5 KB)


Thanks. Nice topper.


I am sure she will like this. Thank you for the file.


Love the way that font looks. Sometimes script/cursive style fonts they are difficult to read…but this is, well…you know…fabulous! Lovely piece.


That is thoroughly tutorial worthy if you’re so inclined !


Very pretty! I might have to use it down the road when one of the kids hits 30. :grinning:


Hey, that’s great! And it really wouldn’t be difficult to alter the numbers since they are at the top, so you could use it for other years.





Nice. Next month I’ll be celebrating my 28th 30th birthday, so it will work.


Whoa, you’re going to be 840 years old?!? You look pretty good for an old guy!