30 Min to Cool Down

I was just sent a refurbished unit. Whenever i do an engrave and the job is completed. The unit put back up the timer of the engrave…so if the engrave took 9 min…It takes…9min 45 to cool down also.
If its 20 min job, it takes 20 min to cool down.

I also hear the high pitched fan going.

Can anyone help me with this?

Follow up:

The cooling was still going on for 20 mins after 9 MIN Engrave. I live in Vail Colorado and its 45 degrees outside. The machine is also clean. I havnt even had it a week now

What is the temperature in the room where your GF is located? It operates best between 40 degrees and 120 degrees (that seems way more than anyone would experience indoors).

What is the temperature in the room where your GF is located? It operates best

Around 65

That is clearly not the problem then. Hopefully support will chime in soon.

To be clear it exists between those temperatures. To operate the range is much smaller:

If your room is at 65º, and you’re venting outside that would mean there is 45º air mixing with that 65º so you may be dropping below the allowable operating temp.

A staff member should be along shortly and they can look at your logs to see if that’s actually the issue.


Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t think it sounded right but couldn’t find anything else.

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Hello @sasha1

Thank you for reaching out for assistance. I’m sorry to hear that the cooling down time between prints seems excessive. I’ve extracted the logs from your new printer to have a closer look, and did not see any cooling issues with the data.

Nevertheless, your Glowforge features a closed-loop liquid cooling system that uses the air from the room to remove heat. It is designed to be used when the temperature next to your Glowforge is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius). To check, put a room thermometer next to the right hand side of the Glowforge; it draws in air from underneath, on the right.

You can try any of these things to improve warm-weather performance:

  • Try printing with no material on the bed (so as not to generate smoke and fumes) and no exhaust hose attached. If this works, then the problem may be that your exhaust hose is constricting the flow of air out of the unit, preventing cooling.

  • Examine the bottom-right side of your Glowforge, and ensure that there is no fabric or other flexible material underneath it, like a tablecloth. There are air intake vents, and if they become obstructed, it makes cooling less effective.

  • Try pointing a fan at the right side of your Glowforge. If there is warm air around the intake, this could help it cool off.

  • Power off your Glowforge when you are not using it. When your Glowforge sits idle, the fans are off, so heat can build up

  • Just wait. Your print may take a little longer when it’s warm, but your Glowforge will protect itself and make sure it cools enough to prevent any loss of power or damage. It’s clever enough to pick up from exactly where it left off, even if it needs to pause to cool down during the print!

  • Ensure that the sun isn’t shining on the lid. This could cause the inside of your Glowforge to heat up.

  • If you are venting outdoors, ensure that extreme temperatures or humidity do not enter the Glowforge unit through the exhaust hose. Disconnect the hose from the outside air when the Glowforge is not in use.

  • Turn your Glowforge off and open the lid for a few minutes before trying again. It’s possible for the air in your Glowforge to heat up, just like a car in the sun on a hot day, opening the lid will help that warm air to escape and your Glowforge to cool down.

If you are still running into trouble, please let us know the following so that we can investigate further:

  1. A description of the things you tried and what happened

  2. If possible, place a thermometer next to your Glowforge on the right hand side and measure the temperature there; if not, estimate the room temperature

  3. The date and time (including time zone) when you had the problem

  4. Take a picture of the exhaust hose behind your Glowforge that includes the part where it connects to your Glowforge, and the part where it exits the room. Thank you.


Thank you for the response. I don’t think the issue is with heat as I live in Vail Colorado and its still snowing. The heat in the house is 68 degrees.

I just did a 7 min print engraving, and it gave me the orange glow. So I turned it off and turned the heat up in hopes that will help.

Do you have any other suggestion?

Thank you for the response. I am going to bump up the temperature to see if that would help.

Hello @sasha1

Thanks for the follow update. I’m sorry to hear that your printer is displaying an orange/yellow button. Can you please check if any error messages are appearing within the App of the UI? Thank you.

No error messages. I do an engrave and cut,. It does the job, finishes no problem then the high powered fan comes on and stays on as soon as its done. Infact, just now i let it run for over an hour while i showered, washed and styled my hair. I go back into my craft room and its still going…
Its 69 degrees outside and around 70 in my house. This morning, I thought it was the cold so i blasted the heat so its hovering around 70/72 and its still happening on and off.

What do you suggest I do?

Hello @sasha1 - from what you’re describing this sounds like your printer may be having some trouble clearing warm air.

I’d l ike to grab a couple photos from your exhaust setup to look into this.

  1. The exhaust fan from the inside of the unit. To capture this photo:

  2. Turn your Glowforge off

  3. Open the lid

  4. Using both hands, gently pull the printer arm towards you as shown below:

  5. Move your phone or camera inside the Glowforge on the left-hand side, past the metal rail, pointed away from you towards the exhaust hose, to capture a photo like the one below:

  6. A photo of where your exhaust hose attaches to the Glowforge, where your exhaust hose exits the room, and the path your exhaust hose takes from your Glowforge to the exterior vent or Compact Filter

  7. The exhaust connection on the back of your Glowforge, with the exhaust hose removed:

  8. Any area where you see smoke escaping from your Glowforge while printing

  9. Could you please send over a photo of the top of the filter cartridge? Use flash for best results.

  10. Turn off and unplug your Glowforge Air Filter
    The power switch is located on the back, next to the cord. Turn it off first, then unplug it from the wall.

  11. Open Glowforge Air Filter
    There are four latches holding the top of the Glowforge Air Filter in place. Lift the bottom of all four latches to release them, then lift off the lid

  12. Take a picture
    Without removing the filter cartridge, take a picture of the top of the cartridge seated in the Glowforge Air Filter and send it to us.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @sasha1. It’s been a while since Mike’s last response. I wanted to check in and see if you were still having any cooling trouble, or had a chance to take any of the requested photos. Feel free to let us know, and we’ll be here to help. Thanks!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email support@glowforge.com.