$380 store credit for sale from UK user

As a UK user taxes and shipping are a killer when buying from the store.

Therefore I would like to pass on my store credit to a US user for any reasonably offer…

You tell me what you want, I buy it on my credit with your shipping address, you paypal me your contribution.

All offers considered.


$1 Bob.


Could you let us know if this works out? I have $320 in store credit too that I’d rather sell than add more customs fees.

Ha, I was going “I’d buy that for a dollar”

Also @chris.majewski, Was this really necessary? I get the reference, and I thought about it myself honestly. But this is a real frustration for a lot of international customers. They have to pay fees on the token gift GF gave because of how late they’ve been, and this person is trying to get the full value from that. It’s hardly a time for a easy joke using this person’s inquiry.

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I’ve yet to get my GF. Canada was delayed AGAIN without word from GF as to why, I’d gladly forfeit my store credit to have it today.

So yea, maybe it’s joking around to avoid crying about it. The post about the latest delay to Canada is chalked with jokes.

Oversensitivity is also a problem.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for jokes. It just felt like those were a little out of line, and at the expense of the OP’s request. Sorry if it seemed a little over sensitive

Lots of tension, don’t think either of us intended it to be glib. I can see how it may have seemed that way.

I hope sqw gets something reasonably fair in exchange.

That’s a lot of store credit. Will you take partial bids, or is that too much of a hassle? (And here I am trying to tell myself not to get even more stuff than I already have)

With “all offers considered” being mentioned, I figured I’d start the bidding… with a little humor. If you’re offended by that, or if you think it’s out of line, I’d say you’re being extremely oversensitive. Your overreaction has now offended me, so much so that I retract my bid. Now there are no offers. See what you did?

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After that irritating hijack.

Yes, I will accept part offers, should have said that at the start.

If you want to direct message me any offer for whole or part, that would be fine

Irritating? Get a grip. It was a joke, and the only response you got about your offer. Anything that bumps this to the top of the latest posts helps you. If you’re honestly irritated by it, name a price instead of saying “all offers considered.” You’re welcome for the bump to the top… again.

Is this good for use with buying proofgrade materials? If so, I’ll give you $100.

Usable for proofgrade. $200 gone at $150. So selling the remaining $180 for $120…

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