39th Anniversary Card

I am really enjoying the ability to create my own cards for occasion.
Lace I am told is the appropriate symbolic gift. Paper will have to do.

Color of the text is the result of engraving. The design is engraved through the blue cardstock, backed on the inside with light grey.

I will share the message, as an example of the personal touch we can create that fits our feelings - Exactly. We have the ability to create custom cards that have quite a bit more of ourselves in them. Hallmark is about to lose a bunch of customers.

The lacework on the inside front is engraved through. The white on the other side is cut from white and glued on.
The back message is from ‘our song’. :sunglasses:

Not too bad for an old dog.




Thank you! This machine makes it easy.

I left room for me to grovel a bit more in handwriting… :rofl:



I’m sure the extra grovelling will be appreciated too :slight_smile:


Awwwwwwww, sweet!


Well done, sir!


Teach him how to use that thing. :+1:

Sigh! :slightly_smiling_face:


You too!

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:smile: Not gonna happen. He’s a natural genius with anything mechanical, but the man yells at his computer and pounds the keyboard to make it speed up. (Which just doesn’t work.)
(We have very balanced strengths. He doesn’t touch my computers, and I don’t disassemble his engines.)


Fantastic, sir! And happy anniversary! I really like all that you did on this cart…the subtle spots where it engraved all of the way through is a nice touch.

What did you use for alignment with having to flip the card over?


Thank you Bruce!
I have various blocks of wood of different widths that I place against the front door and register off of them for parallel to the gantry.
The paper is 11" wide in ‘landscape’, so with the paper registered and held down with magnets I put a piece of masking tape at the center top and bottom edges just off of the paper, measured and marked the masking tape at 5-1/2" from the edge of the paper for centerline (where it will fold in half).
I flipped the paper, again squared with the block and using a steel ruler, its end even with the side edge of the paper, I aligned 5-1/2" on the scale with the marks on the masking tape to center it again.
Does that make sense? It’s not as involved as I make it sound.
I would have used a cardboard jig with the centerline marked on it registered to the tray if I was doing more than a single piece, but the measuring took a little less time than cutting a jig.

To hold the paper down for engraving I use paint stirring sticks at the top and bottom, just barely trapping the edge of the paper, with a powerful disc magnet on top of the stick - so one magnet holds down the full length of the 11" span, and no air assist gets under the stick.

Oh man, here comes Mother’s day, maybe I’ll do a jig after all… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Congrats and well done Sir!


That made sense. I’m trying to figure this out, because I really want to make some things like this, specifically paper products.

Why don’t you try using some wide painter’s tape (pretty cheap), taped to the crumb tray, and just cut a template out of that? Then, it won’t have the chance of moving on you like a cardboard cutout would. Maybe that has been done before, but it just came to mind.


I would certainly pin the jig, but that’s a good idea.

Having just given the 39th like … Want to wish you congratulations on 39 years! Beautiful card!

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Thank you!

Not bad whatsoever. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself. I’m sure you’ve just inspired more custom cards!


She was thrilled with the card - and I am thrilled with the ability the glowforge gives me to express myself! It’s almost a year now that I have been using one of these, and I couldn’t be happier with my investment.
I salute the whole company team that’s made this possible.

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I just realized you have barely enough time, if you don’t lollygag and start right away, to put together something worth of next year’s round number anniversary.

Just kidding. :rofl: Kinda.