"3D" Acrylic painting and finishing ideas needed

I’ve been having a lot of fun with 3D engraving and paint. A few of them look almost holographic and others are deeply engraved and very dimensional. (They really do look a lot cooler in person :slight_smile: )

The problem is, I don’t like the looks of the jagged sides of the deep engraved ones at all. I was wondering about filling in the back with resin/epoxy before cutting it out so it’s flush. I don’t know how practical that would be though and sounds like a LOT of work. Maybe wrapping the edges in copper tape or something? But that would still leave the issue of the tape being exposed on the back. :confused:
Any ideas?

Ugly back of the deep engraved ones



I’m just hoping you do some of these for Halloween!!!


I love the bird. It makes me want to put a line of text under it saying “Nevermore” and putting it above the door frame. If I understand what you are talking about: if you went into the bird image in gimp or whatever and select the outer (not bird) part save it as a vector and then feather the mask so that it bleeds into the edges of the bird. Then when you darken the background (or just paint it black) the feathering will darken the edges of the bird, a lot at the extreme edge shading quickly to nothing going in. then you turn the vector back to a sharp mask and hit clear to go back to a white background.

When cut this should round off the most extreme edges and not leave the ridge that I think is what you are objecting to.

Or in short you need to feather the bird :smile: