3D Classic Dungeon Map


oh that’s nice.

Ever check out Dyson’s logos? Tons of maps.


Very cool!


Very nice execution…uh, let me rephrase: very nice work!


Yes, Dyson is awesome. This is his art.

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Welcome to the forum. Very nice project.

Welcome to the forum. You will find a very supportive community here with lots of inspiration for more things to make. Maybe that should be a warning because it will give you so many ideas that you won’t have the time to complete even the majority of them. The first design is the hardest to post, thanks for taking the plunge. Hope to see more of your projects.

What a sleek clean looking map! There are a handful of games I’d love to map out like this!

Very nice job. I am currently trying my hand at making a 3D version of a map. it is very slow work because I am not all that great at using Inkscape to get clean lines for cuts.