3D engrave, Deep Graphic, and Cut


Making 26 of these for an annual event a group of us have at the Anacortes Center for Happiness - a time for friends to get together for a potluck dinner before families go their separate ways for the holidays.


That looks great.

We’re doing a Friendsgiving this year, too. But I will have to wait til next year to make give-away tokens


Very nice! Wonder what it looks like from the side?



Side showing light from the side? Or showing the depth of the engrave? Here are both.


Yep! The second one really shows the depth of the engrave, so I guess I meant “side-lit!”


How very pretty! Nice idea for a pre-holiday bash! :grinning:


I’ve had multiple friendsgivings! Great idea. It’s always nice being able to express your gratitude, and what better way than flexing your glowforge prowess!