3D Engrave Leather Issues

Hey guys!!! SO… I’m currently working on travelers journals and attempted to run my design through as an HD graphic and the engraving wasn’t as dark as I had wanted. I canceled the print two hours in and went back to the engraving options (still for the leather) and the 3D Engrave option came up. It came out beautifully but now that I’m trying to print another one it is not giving me that option. I am thoroughly confused and could use some help!!!

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If you are printing an image like a photograph you will want to use the dot option. There are special images that are intended for 3d where high points are white with shades of gray to black for depths in between. That is where the 3d option will shine.

If you are engraving a vector design there are no high or low places as it is only one thing, so the 3d is not an option.


Is the second one the same artwork or a different file? As @rbtdanforth mentioned, the 3d engrave option isn’t usually available for single color vector artwork.


it wasn’t i stopped the print and when i went to tweak the engravings settings it was there.

Also, 3D Engrave is only available for specific materials (:proofgrade: hardwoods and acrylics, and Draftboard for sure). I don’t recall leather being one of them, but I may be misremembering as it’s been years since I’ve engraved leather.

In manual mode, it can be done but the results are not so great. better is to reverse engrave Delrin and use it as a stamp.

Hello, @brooke.meisinger1 I am sorry to hear about the trouble with seeing/not seeing the 3D Engrave option. Could you let me know the date and time of the print so I can take a better look at this for you?

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