3D Engrave Switching

I’m using medium draftboard. I have a grayscale image I’ve done a 3D engrave of before on the material. I click all my settings. Click print. Let it scan then go tap that magic button and it switches to draft photo.

Every. Time.

I’ve done this before. Same wood, same design, same settings. Everything was fine. Why is it being weird now?

Have you tried manual settings? :upside_down_face:

For 3D engrave? I feel like that wouldn’t work as each level of gray determines a different power setting. Darker gray is darker on the wood, lighter is lighter, etc. Manual power settings would just give me one level of power across the whole thing…

You can duplicate the 3D engrave effect in the Manual power settings by choosing Vary Power instead of Convert to Dots.



Okay, I’m gonna give that a test next. Bless your existence.


Literally how I do all of my photo engraves. In fact, I have something going right now, but I just use the SD Graphic/Engrave, so vary power is my default there anyway.


Yep, me too. SD Graphic/Vary power is my go-to setting. :slight_smile:


If I am creating an image from a photograph, I want to use convert to dots, That will make dark places dark and light places light. If I am, say, doing a portrait one side of the face is light and the other dark, that is what I want in the engraving. If I want a 3d relief, I need a very different image. One that has both sides the same but dark where things are far and light where they are close. If I use a regular photo, the dark side of the face will be low and the light side high which just looks weird.

Sorry to hear that you ran into trouble, but glad to see the excellent suggestions from other community members. Did the information provided help you get fully back up and running? Please let us know and if you still need help we’ll be happy to assist.

Absolutely! These were a huge help.

I have figured out that the iPad app (as this is my only device) is the problem maker. When I use the online app the settings stay regardless of them being 3D engrave or any of these amazing solutions above.

If I’m using the iPad app though they tend to switch and I just end up with an awful sad burnt piece of wood. Lol. So far I use the iPad app for loading my designs (I “share to” them) and then I swap to the web app.

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit a snag, but happy that things are working for you now! Support for tablet and mobile devices is still in development and I’ve passed your feedback on to the team. At this time we recommend using a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer if you’re encountering difficulties from a mobile device.

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