3d engrave . . . uss orville

I have been using my GL+ for cutting with very small engraving or scoring.
I had 3D printed on my FormLabs 2 a model of the USS Orville. And like all TV future space craft they need a stand.
So I designed a small stand to be cut from Alum acrylic . The color of the Orville is a pewter/silver. Mine is still resin white.
Taking a Planetary Union Logo I 3d engraved it on the side of the stand. You can even make out the stars in the logo.
I first tried this in clear acrylic

I corrected the ship designation to ECV-197


Is that stand painted? Any tips for how you did it? For the life of me I can’t find a way to paint engraved acrylic that looks good. I’ve tried acrylic paint, oil paint and spray paint on masked engravings so far. None have come out looking good – uneven fills, bubbles in the paint, weird textures, and bumpy poorly defined lines around the engraving.

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Aluminum Acrylic used med black acrylic PG settngs


Unfortunately the rough surface is just the nature of engraved acrylic becasue it’s melted a bit. Defocusing and painting from the back helps, but it’s obviously a different look than painting wood etc. :confused:


Man, that aluminum acrylic looks amazing! I have a few pieces of “metal” acrylic that I’ve been hoarding waiting for inspiration. Your stand gives me some ideas.


The GF will not cut or engrave aluminum BUT it will cut and 3D engrave aluminum looking acrylic.
There are spray paints that paint plastic. However, there are a lot of colors and textures available for acrylics.
So if you find the right color and texture there is no need to paint.

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Turned out really nice!