3D Engraving gone?

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’ve done a search here and I can’t find the answer. Didn’t there used to be a setting for 3D engraving? Is it just me and this is one of those obvious things?

Only bitmap/raster images can be 3D engraved (vary power).

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I’m trying to use a .png

Have you selected your material?

Proofgrade maple

Ah, you can’t 3D engrave on PG plywood.

I mean, you can (with manual settings), but there isn’t a PG default setting, because you won’t get good results with the thin veneer.


Oh? What CAN you 3D engrave on?
(& thank you very much for taking the time)

Draftboard, acrylic, hardwoods…


There it is!
Thanks so much!!


@eflyguy Thanks for providing that help! I’ll leave this open in case there are any other suggestions.

Proper 3D engraving still takes a special sort of image. If you take a snapshot of a person usually you see in 3d because of how the light lights up one side and the other side is in shadow. 3D engraving cuts black areas with full power and white areas not at all and the grays in between with variable power darkest being harder.

So with your snapshot, the light side of the face will be cut higher than the dark side, and the dark rim of glasses a groove in the face. :crazy_face:

There are image editors that take the 3D information to make a 3d model and then assigns shades of gray by how close that part is to the camera, totally ignoring the color or lighting, and thus looks a bit weird, but will cut very well.


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