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3D Hubs is a 3D printing site that has provided a way for small providers of 3D Printing services like me to list our service and have customers come to us, in exchange for a percentage of sales. For the first three years they championed the grassroots peer to peer model. About a year ago they decided to change to a business to business model and implemented some pretty strict rules for providers who wanted to be their top tier service. A week ago they notified all the Hubs that did not or were not able to meet those requirements that their Hubs would be closed on October 1. My Hub is one of those being closed, in spite of four years of nearly perfect reviews and even helping them write their knowledge base.
What this means for Glowforge users is that there is a movement to create a new peer to peer service for 3D printing. This offers the opportunity to get involved early on and help shape this service or services to include laser cutting and other services, and to help steer how things happen in the future for the Maker community.
There are a few forums and chat groups developing that I am involved in. Please let me know if you are interested and I will add you to the groups or send a link.
I am not posting links publicly as some of their members seem to be afraid of repercussions from 3D Hubs.

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I personally would jist post it up. This will give it better visibility and garner more interest than having to send a PM etc. I heard about the shutdown, but IMO dropping a very visible competitor out there to fill in that space will give much better chance of success and collaboration


As an alternative, you might want to look into a new one that was created a little over a year ago for small fabricators…sounds like what you are wanting, and i believe you can still get a nice little discount on ESun filament just for registering there:

And if you should happen to chat with William at Intservo, tell him Jules sent you. :smile:

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I have been on XYZFabs for about a year and have no business from them. I will have to check that my profile is active still.

Ahhhh, too bad. I don’t actually do any fabrication…wasn’t sure how well that was going for folks.

It looks like there was a problem with my profile on XYZFAB that I didn’t know about. I have corrected it and will see if I get any business. I don’t see any advertising though, but at least there isn’t any competition! The closest competitor hasn’t logged in for two months.


Ahhh…yep that could do it. Well good luck, maybe now you’ll get some traffic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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