3d printed and laser engraved records

Check this out, I think the Glowforge could possibly do a better job of the laser engraved versions if someone in here is techno-smart enough to figure out how to create the files from audio. :slight_smile:


And we have come full circle. Chuckle! :smile:


You can’t use vinyl in the GF, though.

Also, there are tons of people that have tried this project with other materials, including wood and tortillas.


these are always cool projects.

the problem with using a 2-axis cutting machine like the glowforge is that the quality of the encoded audio is regrettably not so great (plus the shape of the beam presents similar problems) due to the way audio is encoded onto a vinyl (or whatever) disc.


Love this. It’s giving me some spring-board ideas. Grabbing my note book now…

I sense many linoleum discs in your future…

Hmm. We’ve got depth and focus. Just can’t control them both at quite the same time…

I’m thinking that with the talented and creative minds in this group that someone in here can make it happen. :smiley: