3D Printer sales



I got my second one on Thursday, and just finished putting it together. My CR10S is supposed to be here this evening. I had ordered EZABLs for each, which were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but it appears that the post office has lost the delivery, which is upsetting.


And now FedEx screwed up my CR10S delivery. They marked it delivered when it was not, and now it’s on a truck somewhere being rescheduled for delivery at an undetermined date.


Anyone see Prusa’s announcement of their new resin printer?


I saw it earlier. It looks interesting. The price point is hard given some of the recent machines released at much lower price points. It’s still very tempting.


Hmmmmn. If I had any room in here I’d consider it. Price looks good. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve got room, but it’s unclear to me how much ventilation is required for these machines. I don’t have many places to put a machine like this near a window.


Yeah, the ventilation opportunities are pretty much spoken for here too. :smile:


I’ve got room, but it’s unclear to me how much ventilation is required for these machines. I don’t have many places to put a machine like this near a window.

I own a Wanhao D7 and I’ve tried a few different resins. It stays in a spare bedroom.

I don’t find the fumes particularly annoying. , but I’ve spent much of the last few decades working in and out of petrochemical plants, so I may be biased/desensitized.

Be advised, though, DLP printing is messy. The resin is viscous and sticky and most varieties require solvent to clean up. They recommend isopropyl alcohol. Gloves are a necessity, disposable nitrile is recommended.

And one more time - playing with DLP is very fiddly. I have not yet reached a point where I can print reliably - software is clunky, the technology is, well, not quite THERE.

Comparison? Your Glowforge is a neat little Japanese SUV. DLP is an old steam tractor.


Found a deal for a leveler…


I have one of those. They are slightly less accurate than the EZABL. Connecting it to the machine may require cutting a wire on the ribbon cable, disabling the MicroSD port. But, it will work.


My printer arrived today and I got it assembled and theoretically leveled. Now it’s too late to print anything, so I have to wait til tomorrow. Bah. Being a grownup is such a tease! I can finally buy the most fun toys, but then I need to put off playing with them.


“When I’m a grownup I’m going to stay up as late as I want.”

Which turns out to be nine o’clock.




I spent all weekend building and rebuilding the Ender 3. Found a great vid on the tube “T3DP 223 Ender 3 Updated Model…”. Saw this after I put it together, during re-assembly I added 2 washers on the right tower (where the P/S is attached) to straighten the Z axis. I then adjusted all the V wheels so they were as loose as possible without play (this prevents binding and wear). From factory everything needed slight adjustment. I also put the glass bed on and so far printed 1 thing that turned out ok, not great, but that was mostly due to using the default Ender 3 Simplify3d settings, filament is too hot, need to spend some time tweaking settings.

So far I’ve put the glass bed on and set up OctoPi to wirelessly control both of my 3d printers.
I received the aluminum feeder, vibration dampers and a bunch of LED lights last night to add in. I will probably order the EZABL Mini soon along with the TH3d Z-axis coupler (only $5 and will hopefully prevent the binding I get if I tighten the rod guide) not sure why it doesn’t have a flexible coupler because these cheap rods are not perfectly straight.

Sure beats building a Prusa from scratch and the prints aren’t bad from the factory if you spend some time carefully assembling it.

I’ll probably only print PLA and PETG since it’s an open design and I have an enclosed FlashForge with hardened nozzles for ABS and exotic filaments. Flex (TPU/TPE) is going to be more difficult on a Bowden style printer.


You shouldn’t have to do this. Send pictures, if you can.

Are you still using the stock hotend? I’ve already switched to the Micro Swiss all metal hotends, so my settings are different, but you can try the attached S3D profile, and just increase retraction to 5mm instead of 3.5. (Don’t go above 3.7mm with the all metal hotend)

Ender 3 - Default.fff.zip (4.5 KB)

TPU prints fine with the aluminum extruder feeder upgrade that I posted above, but I’m still tuning settings and speed, so what’s in this profile isn’t perfect.

I manually edited my profile to allow me to use the auto-configure options more easily. The only things that I change frequently that are not covered by auto-configure are the bridging settings. I took advantage of the auto-configure extruders option to setup supports, etc. See pictures for more info.


I have to thank you again. I had no intention of purchasing a 3D printer. I really didn’t even know much about them other than the very basics. I assembled mine last night while I watched Pitch Perfect 3 (meh) and today printed @geek2nurse’s skeleton fish suggestion as the first print because the dog seemed boring. Printed like a dream, even though I 1) broke off the X-axis stop flap (oops), 2) used the wrong settings (oops again), 3) had absolutely no idea what I was doing. It was a bigger print than I realized and I was certain I’d run out of filament, but it ended with just a few inches of the sample filament left.

The kids pretty much think it’s Christmas and are plotting all of the things they want to print. I’m certain I’m spoiled as I had no trouble with it at all, but I’m not complaining. :wink: I’m sure my time will come. We’re halfway through printing the snake right now in fluorescent orange. My daughter has stolen the fish.


The first one was by far the best.


Just as well, as it was mostly background music while I tried to decipher the AWFUL directions (and eventually peeked at a video).

I have to say that I was really impressed by the fact that it came with all the tools and all of the screws/bolts labeled. I have a lot of parts left. Hope that’s supposed to be the case!


There are some extra screws and such included in the box. I’m still trying to write up some info on this; but, I’ve been buried at work. I’m glad it’s working out for you so far. I’ve got two of them up and running so far. The CR10S finally got here, and I’ll get that working over the weekend. Then I’ve got a third E3 that will be delivered next week, and I went ahead and also ordered an Ender 2. At least my wife won’t have to worry about Christmas or birthday gifts for me; I’ve spent my budget for a while.


I printed new feet to help with the wobble. It uses the packing foam that it shipped with!