3D printing adventures: Sub Zero Honya/Oni Mask

As a kid, my main in Mortal Kombat was always Subzero. From his style, to his moves, it didn’t matter the iteration, he was always the one I beat the game with first, with Liu Kang being the last one since he was such a boring character.

So naturally when I was given Blue Ice PLA for Christmas I knew what my first print was going to be. And so I set off looking at many many Sub Zero masks and all the versions out there it it was hard to make a choice until I found this thing verse link. Oni Cyber Punk Mask- Improved Ankerpoints by Handworked_Austria - Thingiverse

The newest MK movie had made some Honya/Oni adjustments to his mask so it was only natural that I print it in Blue Ice

This was my first time using raft printing vs using tree or standard supports. I had an odd issue with delamination due to having the infil speed slightly too fast but over all it came out pretty well. I’m going to work on cleaning up some imperfections and maybe add a small pad of eva foam around the nose so it’s comfortable enough to wear for periods of time. End goal is gonna be cosplay type stuff so fingers crossed!

Till next time


Nice! Can’t wait to see it in full regalia :smiley:


I was so thinking of using those with the fabric as Covid masks…


I have an STL and a leather pattern that incorporatates the RZ Style filters.


Just a suggestion - get yourself a deburring tool. They’re not expensive and work great - and they make quick work of rafts.

As far as masks go, they’re fun - but be careful with that rabbit hole. You might end up like me:

(Dual non-woven filters with foam seals all around.)


Oh my friend I am already down that rabbit hole :grin::grin::grin: I’ve got about 18 different masks I want to print


And lightsabers…

I downloaded one model and printed it about 7-8 times (different colors, sometimes). Then I decided, “hey, this shouldn’t be to hard to customize if I broke it up and made everything screw together!”

Next thing you know, you are looking for images of lightsabers to make a customizable piece for your collection…


Fortunately I’m not into Star wars, Now magic the gathering…


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