3D printing rocks!


This is just bloody amazing.


Ha, I wondered why anybody would want to print a rock.


So much better than a rock.
This makes me happy.


That IS awesome! :smile:


I want to :slight_smile: lol that’s actually one of my ideas is printing a set of 10 rocks to look like they have fossil imprints and put them in a fun cloth bag… for kids 6-10 … however I agree this is much cooler then printing on a rock.


Got a bit misty-eyed on this one.


God Bless!!


On this one.
I’m calling…
Science bless! :grin:


Makes my heart sing :relaxed:


Ha ha ha you and everyone else I have no doubt…


This was also done for a toucan somewhere in South America. Amazing what the 3D printing can do for us and animals. I love the 3D printing.




Everytime I see this topic pop up I keep wondering,“but why are they printing rocks!?.. ooohh, right.”


We are in the next era of innovation!