3D with gantry images

I purchased some images from gantryco.com and want to learn how to use them for the best results on the glowforge. Does anyone have experience with this?

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If you are referring to the 3D greyscale images they sell in .tif format, I think your first step will be to convert them to either .jpg or .png (best) since the Glowforge doesn’t handle .tif format at this time. Then make sure you choose either a Proofgrade hardwood or acrylic, and choose 3D engrave as your engrave option. Do a forum search on 3D engrave to learn more.


The Draftboard engraves well also, since no grain issues with the finished project, and cost is almost always going to be less than an actual wood material.


Thank you for your help. I did a test run on draft board. Is it safe to clean it with a toothbrush and water? This is what gantryco recommends for hardwood but I do not know if the same would be true for draft board. Thank you!

Yeah, I’d just use the toothbrush to brush it off. Gorilla tape is another option, it can be used to pick up char as well as masking. Draftboard is just MDF, it’s going to swell and warp if you wet it.


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