3M Electronic Degreaser Shortage?

So it seems like all the normal places online are backordered on 3M electronic degreaser that we use for cleaning out the exhaust.

Does anyone know of anywhere that has it currently?

None available. 3M is backlogged due to lockdown issues and the need to create COVID cleaning aerosols for acrylic panels in supermarkets. We might see some in mid-August, but look sharp, because most target dates for restock say 7-8 weeks.


I work in the aerospace chemical supply industry and there are definitely production delays across the board. Which 3M product were you using? It’s possible we have a comparable product in stock that I can ship out on Monday.


This is what they recommend for cleaning the exhaust fan.

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Specifically they need a cleaner/degreaser that is non-flammable

my work place (aerospace chemical supplier) has a non-flammable, non-conductive, fast evaporating electronics contact cleaner that is safe on plastics. check out the technical data sheet attached.
LPS 00416 TDS.pdf (383.9 KB)
of course, as with anything laser related, use at your own risk.

We have less than 150 available @ $50 each (remember these are used in aerospace/aviation) ground shipping included in the price for the lower 48.

If you’re interested in purchasing a can or case, please send an email to marketing@johnsonsupplyco.com


$50 is like half the price of the 3M stuff, so woot!

Hey @dan, @jaz, @jae - any chance of testing this in the hopes of :glowforge: approved options?

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I don’t know - but if you post in Problems and Support to ask, the message will get to the right people :slight_smile:



It’d be cool if Glowforge would approve some alternates, especially with the current situation of materials.
If anyone wants to go ahead and get a can of the LPS 00416 Electro Contact Cleaner on it’s way, let me know.

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