3M vs Others

I’m doing my first cleaning on my machine today. I noticed that GF recommends a cleaner made by 3M. However, I have seen other GF owners use electronic parts cleaner on YouTube videos. Has anyone tried this before with their machine to clean the back fan?

I’m not comfortable with taking it all apart and reassembling it - you should see me at Christmas trying to get toys back into a box! :rofl::weary:

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The reason :glowforge: recommends the specific 3M stuff is it’s not flammable. All of the other stuff is flammable…in a thing that uses fire to cut.
SO, yes people have used it successfully - but consider carefully the risk you are taking and decide if it is worth it.

I clean mine manually since I do not have the option of taking it outside, and consider the risk of using a flammable spray to be too high.


I think it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.


There’s a LOT of misguided and sometimes downright dangerous wrong GF advice on YouTube and FB. Tread with caution.


That is why I ALWAYS ask here!