3rd party re-shipping services

Hey folks, just wondering if anyone has had experience with services that give you a US address and then ship stuff from that address to you globally
I am looking for a way to get proofgrade to myself (in Canada) when I get my glowforge.

I’ve been looking at these guys. https://www.shipito.com



where at in canada are you?

I’m in Halifax Nova Scotia. Not close enough to drive to the border and do pickups that way

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so glowforge cant or wont ship directly to canada? But private parties can right?

That is correct yep. I can get the basic or plus shipped to Canada but not proofgrade or the pro

Can’t is correct. They’ve said they’re encountering regulatory approval issues with the Pro only right now. The Basic and Plus have been cleared by the regulators and are shipping.

I once used a company called Bongo to ship stuff from the US to Switzerland. Not sure it exists any more, but these freight forwarding services, or Bongo at least, worked fine. But shipping is just pricey. We were shipping some bigger items so it might be different for small loads of proof grade, but you never seem to get around the expense. Shipping just never seems to be cheap unless you are an amazon prime member and even that is paid forum front…

I’ve used myusaddress.com.

Usually I have it delivered to their warehouse, and I pick it up in person, since they are near me (about 1.5 hour drive). I know they can resend your stuff by mail as well, but I’ve never used that part of the service.

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