3rd replacement having issues

So we got our 3rd replacement in, it is up and running (sort of) and we are now having issues. It takes longer now for the centering and homing but today I am doing a cut and the gf screen says cooling down as if the cut is done and it is still cutting and not even halfway done. Very concerned once again and paranoid as we have orders stacked up like a lot of other GF users PLEASE HELP with any advice

There may be nothing wrong – “cooling down” doesn’t mean the cut is done, it means the coolant is too warm and the machine needs to take a break until the temperature drops enough. If you leave it alone, it should continue once the temperature drops enough.

Which model do you have, and what is the ambient temperature?

I have a plus and it hasn’t stopped cutting at all it is still running and the button is blue not yellow. It is around 68 in my house

Okay, I guess I’m misunderstanding the problem; “orders stacked up” made me think it wasn’t running. I have no idea what a blue button would mean.

Support will be along soon and can look at your logs to see what might be going on. :slight_smile:

thank you I just mean I have alot of orders to do and can’t afford for the machine to be down when I just got it in. I thought the magic button turns yellow when it is cooling because it is too hot but mine is blue and the machine is still cutting

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.