3yr premium subscription

does anyone have the 3yr premium subscription? I bought it with my bundle and was not told how to activate my subscription and I’m being charged for the premium designs. and i cant get ahold of anyone who can help me

Have you emailed support? They’re the ones who can fix it for you. :blush:


ive emailed a couple of times and no one has gotten back to me

Did you get an email confirmation right after sending your message? If not, either it didn’t get to them or their replies are getting lost on your end.


Is the email you used when you purchased the same one you’re using to log into your machine? If not, that may be the issue - but ditto to what @geek2nurse said, only :glowforge: can help with this one :frowning:

If email isn’t working you can also submit here:

(and you might mention that you’d sent emails that didn’t get responses)


I have never heard of a three year Premium subscription, only the annual. How much was the three year subscription? Could you have purchased the extended warranty instead?


I too have never heard of that and would like to know pricing on it.


To the OP - just keep trying to contact support, there’s nothing anyone here can do to resolve this. Every email to support is acknowledged thru an immediate automate response, as already mentioned above.

There is no option (that I can find) to sign up for more than a year, but perhaps it’s something that pops up when you purchase a new machine.


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