4 machines Down with Different Issues.......Anyone else having trouble with their machines?

Is anyone else having issues with their machines lately??? I have 4 Glowforges and every one of them is down right now.

1 Starts to “Cool” after running for 30 seconds (this is a Refurb I’ve had for less then 2 weeks)
1 won’t Auto Focus/Focus at all (This is a Refurb but has worked fine for a while and has the extended warranty)
1 won’t cut through/focus right (Refurb less then 2 weeks old)
1 isn’t engraving right (This machine is the oldest we have and I suspect normal wear is the issue but we’ve been sending the SAME FREAKING PHOTOS to them for 2 weeks with no resolve yet)

Everything is clean, everything is plugged in, material is pinned down, it will cut and then not cut on the same board, everything is as it should be but I can’t get anything to work. I run these machines 16 hrs a day every day so I’m very familiar with them, but if anyone has any suggestions since Glowforge is SO RIDICULOUSLY SLOW to get anything fixed that would be great!

Yes! My original machine -only 1.5 months old and the refurbished replacement are down. The refurb didn’t work right out of the box and they promised it would be practically brand new and fully tested. I’m working on getting my money back so I can go elsewhere but communication with Glowforge is way too slow. I really wanted to like the company and the machines, but I have to say if they put more money into their current customers with support and fixes instead of in their advertising, they’d be better off. They’re going to lose a lot of their customer base I fear.

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No issue here. Just finished a print moments ago - and the machine applied an update before it started.

There are allegedly over 100,000 machines out there. If there was a major issue, owners would be posting about it.

Mine’s working good too-finished a print this morning…

I currently have a focus issue with my machine and am working with customer service to find the solution.

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