404 Not Found

I just set up a new mesh network everything working fine… except my GF. I have attempted setting up from my MBP, Dell laptop, iPad and iPhone. In each instance when I try to go to network setup page (continue button) I get a “404 Not Found” error.
I have logged off and back on, reset router, reset modemed even accessed other websites to ensure I’m connected. I searched the posts and could not find anyone else with this issue so now I must ask for help.

Does the mesh network support 2.4gHz?

yes. But I can’t even get to the page where I connect to the Glowforge to select the network.

Were you able to reset the :glowforge: to the teal button? So you can redo the setup?

I went on using cellular and on the third attempt it connected.

I just got it connected. Been trying all day, but I decided to try it with a cellular connection and finally got the connection to work, now it is stuck on focusing.

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I guess they can close this thread, I’m finally connected. I wish it would have done it earlier before it made me ask you all for help. I made my living as a computer tech for almost 30 years and it still made me want to cry :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: