4th center piece done

So as you remember all centerpieces need to be able to fold flat to ship to Texas. They wanted one of the themes to be Catholic. This is what I came up with. They are really making me learn Inkscape.

Here are the files:
church%20Base Church%20Front Church%20Sides Roof


Still trying to get the hang of posting files please be bear with me.

church%20Base Church%20Front ![Roof|300x180(upload://cMnSkMHSAFUiRHRUK8neHb4hBEO.svg) Church%20SidesRoof church%20Base


What a pretty little church! That’s going to look great! :grinning:

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Very cute! Looks like you have quite a display built up already, judging by the other objects I’m seeing in the photo.