4th GF. Just setup out of box. Yellow Light

Hey there. Just setup our 4th (or 5th, I honestly can’t remember anymore) out of the box. Connected everything and went to go do a test print of the GoGM and the light is yellow and the screen doesn’t give me any error messages at all.

I’m so very tired and just want to laser. Thanks in advance for all of your help.

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@dan I’m starting to get depressed here. GF was my happiest gift ever to ourselves and we’ve had trouble laser after trouble laser. Anyway you can just drive me up a working one from Seattle? >_> Your company and product seem to be great, and so many people don’t have troubles, which is why I keep returning and reboxing and reshipping and waiting… but I’d really love the opportunity to create wonderful things without issue. <3


Many reasons for that. Lets try an easy one… What’s the temp in the room? Was the box too cold and the unit/coolant not given enough time to warm up? Mine will give a yellow light in the low 50s Fahrenheit. Technically the operating temp should be above 60F.


The room is about 70 degrees. The box has been at that temp for a while now. Def not too cold.

Man. That bites. My first production unit worked great for 11 months. Since I had ordered at the start of this project, I got extended warranty. I needed it. Got two replacement machines that didn’t work, mainly myopia. The one I am on now is 14 months in use and fires up every time flawlessly. No issues. You will get one that will be golden. Perhaps it’s this one and we can figure out what the deal is. The amber light is usually temperature.

Is your vent to outside? How cold is it outside? Just thinking of options here.

It’s venting to outside… but the last laser ran in the same temp with no issue (except the inconsistency in cut depth).

First, please let me apologize for our slow response to your post. I’m absolutely horrified to hear that this unit is having trouble right out of the box. Thank you for reaching out about this right away.

I’m going to be following up by email shortly with your next steps to get this fixed.

We want you to have a great experience with your Glowforge and I can see that hasn’t been the case.

Once again, on behalf of the whole team I’m so sorry for the problems.

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