5 x 10 Sheet earsavers

Hello. I didn’t have any big sheets of acrylic, so I made a file for the 5 x 10 size acrylic sheet. I was able to get 14 on a sheet. When I print them I ignore the score layer and it prints 1 sheet in about 7 minutes. I was also able to put 3 5 x 10 sheets vertically in the laser and cut 3 at a time.

I left a 5 x 10 rectangle on the file to help with alignment. Just ignore it when you’re ready to cut.

I hope these files help someone.

Attached is an SVG and AI file for editing.
5 x 10 sheet 2.ai (734.8 KB) 5 x 10 sheet 2


I was wondering if this might workout?


That would probably work great. Just stick one side through the hole and wrap it around the half circle. Great job!

Thank you. I just randomly ordered 5x10 sheets because I’m a new owner and that’s all I have. This file will help me out!

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I was thinking zip ties as they would allow flexing that is needed for folk with longer hair,

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I made mine bend. Is there any reason not to do this? I figured since everyone was engraving, making a bendable one was no worse for sanitizing. I am going to make a batch for a friend and see how they like them. Feel free to adjust. Love the D cut out for the extras. May have to add that on the next batch. This one takes an hour to make.



Great idea! you should be able to just grab the "D"and bit of line off the other as they are just sitting there extra.

I tried that, but i found that the hinge pulled my hair, and I don’t have much hair. LOL

Living hinges in acrylic won’t survive repeated flexing, especially with the longitudinal loads.

I honestly don’t think acrylic is the best material to use for these. There is lots of other material that works much better and has a natural flex plus durability.


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I worried that anything other than acrylic can’t be sanitized. Wood products would be too porous to be disinfected.

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i just saw this, but I’ve been using 1/32 inch impact modified acrylic from here https://www.delviesplastics.com/p/1_32_Clear_Acrylic.html for my local hospital. the flex really helps them and its soft enough to be cut by scissors so I’m not afraid of it snapping.

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I am experimenting with the Celastic. Only 1 mm thick (what I have, but thicker is sold) it is flexible and strong and holds up better to heat, I am thinking that something more like a belt and buckle might work better and take advantage of the flexibility.

I found from using this once that the straightline vertical boundaries between earsavers are actually two lines, resulting in a double-pass for each of those boundaries. It didn’t seem to matter because of the masking material, but it still bothered me, so I went in and removed the second pass for each of them.


:smiley: I noticed that the first time I cut some but then I was creating different sizes - 8x12, 12x12, 11x14, etc so I removed them but I haven’t done any 12x20 sheets (will start those this weekend). So I’ll use this one.

Next I have to do a set for 4x12 since I’ve got a lot of 12x24" that I’m going to have to trim 4" off to fit in the GF.

You mean like this? :slight_smile:

4x12_GF_EarSavers.pdf (1.2 MB)

Excellent. Hadn’t gotten to using cutoffs yet so hadn’t gotten to this. Saves me a bunch of time. Thanks!

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I see an AI file here, but is there a separate sag file? I’m an extremely novice Inkscape user and I can’t figure out how to open this file in Inkscape to upload into the GF interface and cut. I have an order for ear savers and I need to use some of my 5x10 stock to fulfill it. thanks!

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*svg file

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