5 Year Wood Anniversary Cross Stitch Plaque/Sign

Been working on this design for a bit. The most time consuming part was actually stitching the 1,146 stitches to take a picture of and know how much floss is needed as well as any updates to the cut and stitch pattern that were needed. If you look closely, the second “s” on the finished one has an extra stitch in the bottom left. I didn’t realize till I was stitching it and I updated a few of the other stitch patterns once it was done and I could see it in full.

Both sizes have the same number of stitches but have different size holes and spacing. They use a different number of floss/threads and needle sizes are different.

I will be selling these as DIY kits. I am very happy with the outcome and will be working on more cross stitch kits. My next one is a baby birth stats sign with engraving and stitching.


Cool, got a pic of the back?


Nice sign. Cross Stitch is my least favorite to do.


These turned out great. Never thought of cutting for cross stitch!


Bravo! This is for cross-stitchers who can’t count. I…well, I can’t count the number of times I didn’t count right and had to either un-stitch, or adapt the design. I’d love to see more of your work!


I hadn’t done it in forever and this took me awhile to finish.

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Here is the back. It is a big mess like cross stitching is. I am thinking of offering a second board that can attach to make the back just a plain wood board. I would add holes around the edges of both and they would be sewn together with the same thread as the cross stitch.


I love the contrasting textures of the wood and the textile. Would be fun to compare versions made with an an open-grain wood like oak and sanded down to about 180, versus something dense and smooth like rosewood sanded down to 1500 or so.

Doesn’t work as-written for me though. Can you do one that says “40 years and I’m having second thoughts”?


I am working on lots more designs and testing out different fonts. I am interested to see how it will look on different hardwoods.


Don’t limit yourself to hardwoods! Cedar would be a great option for these. It sands to a soft, warm surface and has the benefit of a nice smell if left unfinished. Looking forward to more of your designs!


Nice! That design would also lend itself well to engraving the circles, then hotfixing rhinestones into the wells. Or gluing seed beads. I think that would look pretty cool.


Wow! That looks amazing while at the same time reminding me why I don’t cross-stitch. You have far more patience that I ever did. :slight_smile:


Nice! Lots you can do here! Great idea!


I have actually done that for some jewelry pieces. I use CA glue to affix them. I haven’t ever done hotfixing of rhinestones. these are flatback Swarovski crystals. I may add some bigger designs like this for the flatbacks.