50$ a month for premium?

It’s already putting me off lol


which just goes to show, no matter what GF did, someone would be unhappy about how they did it. even if they just give everything away, the people who own the company would be unhappy.


I disagree that they’ve giving anything away, this should have been a thing that came with the unit. It seems like a slap in the fact to have to pay more for faster speeds when we should have just had a local app to start with. Hell, my inkjet that cost me 50$ has a local app. I don’t need to connect to their servers to print.


We’ve all wished for direct connection - GF simply doesn’t have the hardware built in to do that. There’s no secret hidden port for a cable, people have looked. If this feature is really important to you then Glowforge is not the right laser cutter for you.


I was really OK with everything until i saw the Server STUNT , that put me off , I got that sick feeling in my stomach , thanks Glow Forge . Thanks a lot.


Like Coalakida, I was ok with it until now. this made it not ok. Also, you dont need a port, just have it be a network share on the network to upload files to. Its reeeaaally simple.


Server stunt?

I thought that we were all created Equal on the Server : Now I have come to understand that many of us have been on Garbage Servers going down and slowing down , The Stunt is there are better Servers if you willing to Pay the Price of $50 a month with a second Stunt of offering it for $14.95 to be on Super Servers.

There going to suck us dry , slowly but surely .


I know it’s probably pointless to say, but, we knew about it before we bought the machines, and chose to buy them anyways. I wrestled with this very issue for a couple of months before taking the plunge.

This was why I didn’t buy a cricut (though I heard they have changed some). I was well aware of the cloud service before buying it, I thought out the pros and cons, and in the end I made the decision to go with it, so I think that responsibilty is on me.

Though when I was doing my research a couple years ago, I did remember reading something that they would make the program open source, so that people who were afraid of something happening could develop their own software to run the machine. I’m not a tech person so I don’t understand any of it, but I’m sure if you really wanted to, you could develop something on your own time.

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If it’s so reaaaaally simple why don’t you head over to Openglow and help them out? I’m serious. They’ve been trying to crack a different way to connect to GF since they first came out and haven’t made it happen yet.


Iiiii didn’t know this was a thing… Also, I’m not a network engineer.

Does this thing not process your designs at all? Does it send every design you make to the server to convert it to something the machine can process?

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Yes , We all signed up to put the Noose around our necks I just never thought that would shake the Podium with threatening slow servers, that got me pissed off.


Where did you pull this information from? They upgraded everyone’s servers and now offer an even faster server and design tools if you choose to pay for the premium subscription. Your machine will still function and better than it did before. you are under no obligation to purchase access to the faster servers. Your entire arguments boils down to “HEY GLOWFORGE DON’T IMPROVE MY USER EXPERIENCE FOR FREE, AND HOW DARE YOU OFFER ME EVEN FASTER SERVERS AND DESIGN TOOLS FOR A SMALL FEE WHILE NOT EFFECTING HOW I USE MY MACHINE CURRENTLY!!!”
But I’ve spent enough time watching this dumpster fire today as it is so going to mute and move on.


Exactly, there is no processing done on the GF itself - hence the servers. It takes measurements and photos which get sent to the servers. You send designs to the servers. The servers then send instructions to the machine.


You think it worth $50 a month man. Not me .


that processing should have been done via a local app on your pc, then you drag and drop those converted files to a share that exists on the network via wifi where the storage is on the unit. The unit then pulls those files from its storage and cuts them.


Facts of the Day:

Nobody is losing anything…
Basic has not slowed down.
Basic still has 100% of the functions it had 6 months ago (and many more than 3 years ago).

Premium is an optional service…
No one is forcing you to subscribe.
If you are reading this in early October, your price is currently $15/mo, NOT $50!
If you don’t want/need the additional features, don’t subscribe. Nobody will be offended.



I came in on the Beta version. I use an IPad and was wondering it any way to go back to the original to compare. Personally so far my experience in the Beta has been very buggy. I press print and it takes me back to dashboard…same with setting material… about half the time.

Then don’t pay it… and keep using your machine has you have been. Whats so hard to understand about that.


That’s certainly your opinion. GF went a different way that meant they didn’t have to create different software for Macs, PCs, Linux, Chromebook, IOS, Android, Etc. Is browser based the best option? I dont have an opinion on that. I do see logically how it makes it so they only have to create one system that’s widely available to the most people and all user gets updated features at the same time though.