$50 Inventables code - Redeemable? [Resolved]


How do I use my $50 GC code? There’s no “Use a gift certificate” section in the shopping cart that I can see.

Here is your very own $50 Inventables gift code. Remember not to share it with anyone else, as it can only be used once!


It expires July, 2018. To use your gift, put the items you want to purchase into your cart, and then click the blue “Use a gift certificate” button on the Shopping Cart page.


Are you sure you are on inventables. Com? Shows up for me.


Uh, can we pretend I knew that and wasn’t the idiot that didn’t realize that was an actual site? Yeah. Lets pretend that was the case.

Thanks for setting me straight.


No problem, nothing to see here. :grinning:


Thanks for the help @markevans36301. Enjoy Inventables’ selection, @cditty!