500 error on referrals page


I was curious how the recent shipping date emails affected my referrals, but when I visit https://glowforge.com/referrals I get a 500 “something went wrong” error.


FYI, it’s working for me no problem. I’m using Chrome via Comcast in PA, USA.


Mine is still showing zero… looks accurate :rofl:


Same here.


I literally just came from that page on my iPhone and it was fine for me.


Weird, I even tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and got the same error on all three!


I’m sorry – we’ll check it out!


Just tried on chrome and Safari on my iPad and get the same error.


500 error on my phone using LTE


Thanks for your patience. I believe this is resolved. Would you take a look at let me know if it’s working now?


Yes, it’s resolved, thank you!


Great! Thanks for letting me know.