5x7 photo display box

I looked here first but didn’t see anything quite like this so off to https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ I went. This is a combo of the electronics box, and a 3 sided box with the top shortened in Inkscape. It gives you a 5x7x7 box, with a shelf in the lid to display a 5x7 photo/piece of art.

Also the tabs are funny looking so you can pull them out without breaking the box if you want to replace the art.

(if you want to recreate with modifications I used 180x130x130 and everything else as the default on boxes.py)

It uses 2 boards, but not all of either - with some creative pushing you can get it down to 1.5.

Nothing terribly fancy, but useful I hope :slight_smile:


This one uses 3mm mahogany from Ocooch for the top, and baltic birch for the interior (I only had so much mahogany :stuck_out_tongue: ) It takes about 10 minutes total to cut out, and was hammer-tight in the fingers for me (I ended up using superglue in the corners cuz I didn’t want to break it trying to get it back apart to put glue into the fingers!)

Art from Chelsea Kenna on Etsy


Nice, thanks! I like your kitty too. :heart_eyes_cat:


This looks awesome :heart: I love the pictures.

and maybe because it’s nearly 4am and I’m exhausted, but it seems like the SVG is missing some parts.


I love mixing and matching parts from the site. It is really quick start on creating projects.


What a lovely share! Yes, the photo is adorable!! Thank you very much.

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It just doesn’t all show on the screen. It will be there when you open it though.


Correct a fool and he will hate you. Correct a wise man and he will appreciate you.

While I’m not the wisest, I do appreciate.


The kitty is adorable - but not mine, I bought the art from: https://www.etsy.com/listing/549710242/lazy-cat-sleeping-cat-signed-giclee-fine

She’s not fast, but her work is beautiful!

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I used to enlarge the image bed size so it would all show - but then it would sometimes have issues when being loaded the GF so I stopped…but then you have the “some of it is missing” issue.
Thank you @ptodd for answering far more timely than I did :heart:


I love this and might have to make one!


Beautiful box - thanks for sharing!