6+3 DOF Kinematically redundant parallel mechanism

Like that other mechanism I posted about, I can think of 100 uses for this.

@dan, Glowforge 2.0 with 100w+ dual fiber/CO2 mitered cuts. Just sayin. It might be room-sized and $50k when all is said and done but come on, this thing is awesome. :slight_smile:


I recall but cannot find a 3d printer using simpler but similar tech, Managing the math on those was a bit of a horror, I cannot imagine the math in that one. It could do 3D prints the way I used to, building the scaffolding in actual 3D filling in and adding as needed at any angle or direction keeping the liquid part no bigger than could be supported by surface tension.

I like it. I even found the music for the video less annoying than most.

The one I recall is the new CEL machine that is in development. It also includes a milling head and some other tools. I can’t find a website though.

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