6 Choices Die

I bought a bunch of blank plastic dice last year for a future GF project. Today was the day.

I decided to create a message on each side with a different exercise choice. I sent it up in Illustrator with each message overlaid on the other in a different color. When I brought the file into the GFUI, it was a simple matter to set one message to engrave, and all the rest to ignore. I would then cycle through each message one at a time to activate it after rotating the die in the GF to a blank side.

The trick was to figure out the die placement since it is 0.95" tall, to tall to fit on the tray.

I removed the crumb tray , and stuck a piece of 0.1" cardboard on the bottom. I then taped down a die to tbe cardboard, being careful to orient it square to the bed. I then covered up the tape with small pieces of wood and used magnets to hold them down.

I put a blank die on top of the one taped down, and the focus height was 0.5". I then moved the image in the GFUI to align with where the scan showed the die to be. I set engrave to 200 and 30, and zapped a die to make sure the alignment was good. (It was.)

I used blue painters tape and cut little squares out to cover each side of a new die, put it on top of the die in the GF bed, and was off to the races.

After all of the sides were engraved, I painted it red through the masking, let it dry, peeled it off, and I was done.


Hahaha—my choices would be slightly different; love how your die came out!


FYI, the other choices are bike ride, jog, and eat pho. It’s for a friend


Nice, I haven’t seen dice that large. Where’d you get them?

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I ordered them from a vendor in China through alibaba. They were cheap but it took about a month to arrive. I will try to find website tomorrow.

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They turned out nice with the red on white. :grinning:


So seriously, I’d just need a die with that on all sides :rofl:
Nice project!


Another source for 1" dice is Amazon. :wink:


Or a weighted one! That way, the other 5 options are still possible, but only technically.


Yeah, I am going to perfect a technique to invisibly load it.


HAHAHA Perfect!

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I ordered through AliExpress. 40 pieces 25mm for $24.62 with free shipping when I bought them, but they are now a little more. It takes a few weeks, but I was in no rush at the time I ordered them. I just checked the order confirmation and here’s a link to the item: