6 lobed bowl

in my ( apparently) never ending series of stacked bowl projects, I present the 5 lobed bowl.



Very pretty.

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That is neat looking.

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This is very cool. I keep wanting to tackle one of these, but haven’t been motivated quite enough!

But I have to ask… Why is it called a 5 lobed bowl? Aren’t there 6 lobes?

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shhhh, don’t tell anyone, I cannot count.


:grin: I was certain I was missing something!

after making one with 3 and one with 4, I started on one with 5 but somehow screwed up the math and ended up with 6

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Very nice! No law says there has to be an even number of lobes. My preference is for an uneven number in fact.

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What a groovy design. I really love the object in the bottom.

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Thought it was a “baker’s dozen” kind of deal…


Ok, this one has 5 lobes. I got my counting grove back.

I used 1/8th and intended to double up the layers. Then, I managed to cut the 2nd one a big larger. I like the resulting layered look.


These are really nice … I like the “flower” effect!