7/2 did the pros start shipping?

Just wondering if the pros started making it out the door like they were scheduled to on 6/30.

We only know of one

Yep, we saw one person that has ordered around 7:20am on the first day that got there email. I’ve also seen one other person that ordered about an hour later that has heard nothing.

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dan did say that it was more likely to be a “week earlier” or “week later” than being on 6/30. we don’t know of any that have shipped, i don’t think, though we know of one person who got the email with the six-week notice.

i’d like to think there have been a few with people who just aren’t active online.

yeah, although order dates have been at best a rough guideline so far; they’re clearly taking more than one factor into account for whatever reason.


They are not making it out of the door yet. Glowforge’s definition of shipping is sending an email. They typically dispatch it about two weeks later.

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Yeah I got my email for my Basic unit on June 13. I received my Proofgrade materials a week later, but I have yet to receive a tracking number from UPS for the actual Glowforge. I remain patient, it did say within the next 6 weeks. :slight_smile: