7 layer Butterfly

Happy Spring!!!

My wife requested a bug box so with a lot of help from her I was able to produce this 14.25" wide x 10.8" piece. This 7 layered butterfly was a bit more difficult to design than my others but was really fun to make. I always find it hard to design real thin pieces while still making them look real when they are cut; ie ant legs. Surprisingly I only had to re-cut one piece for corrections. I made this version with hickory, walnut, maple and mahogany plywood, with a purple-ish blue spray-painted first layer.

Hope you enjoy.




That’s lovely. I like that you added both “cute” outdoor life, and “scary/slimey” outdoor life - they’re all beautiful!

periwinkle :slight_smile:


This is really pretty!


I bought one of these and was reading the instructions included that mentioned buying the wood from Home Depot. I have had no luck finding compatible wood so I figured “maybe it’s a Canada thing?” After much careful reading, searching I discovered that searching Home Depot’s US site for “Columbia Forest” turns up a variety of product I didn’t know existed. Thanks for pointing me down that rabbit hole!

(“Rabbit hole” itself being a possible subject for a layered box. Peter Cottontail and a burrow on the top layer, then descending down past an infinite number of failed Google search windows.)

My actual question though, is whether you are splicing the pieces. The Columbia Forest listings I found were for 1ft x 1ft stock, but the butterfly above and other designs in the store exceed that in the long dimension. Are you able to source 12x20 or 12x24? Splicing the 12x12 boards?


They sell 1x1, 2x2, 2x4, 2x8 and I think a few other sizes…also single sided and double sided.

If you’re in Canada, I think you’d do better finding a local woodshop than paying the ridiculous shipping to get it from HD though!
Something like this (which may or may not be local to you - Canada being the size it is :stuck_out_tongue: )


Good day,

Glad I could help “sort of” point you in the right direction. The Canadian Home Depot has the Columbia Plywood products that come in 19” x 12” x 1/4” (packs of 10) in 5 different types of wood, plus a new white MDF in a pack of 15.


Another great piece, you’ve got a great talent and eye for design with these layered pieces.


KJP is amazing!

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