72 or 96 ppi?

Hello everyone … I am a beta tester for a quilt design software company. They are adding the ability to export in SVG format and I am testing that feature on my Glowforge.

They are asking if " the GF takes the 72 or 96 ppi". I have no idea … can anyone answer this question?

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Then since this is the first time you’ve uploaded one from this, it’s a good idea to check the scale in the GF interface once you upload it.

Measure the height and width of some portion (or all) of your design in your design app, then upload it. Once it’s in the GF interface, select the same portion (or all of it) and check the size with the ruler icons on the lower left. Sometimes you’ll find the scale to be off if the program in question is exporting it strangely.


Will do … Thank you!

I would probably urge them to consider exporting the design file with a 20x12” working space (which they should be able to specify when they generate the SVG). When the Glowforge web app detects that aspect ratio for the working space, it knows how to scale the file regardless of units used.


Are we sure this works just as you say?

If it works like you say it does, then any document with that aspect ratio would get scaled – e.g. a 10x6 document would get scaled up – which I have to think doesn’t happen or we’d hear about it.


Good to know… Thanks.

Other users may be using the SVG files for different machines like a Circuit. Would that make a difference in this request?

It may have changed at some point. :man_shrugging:t2: Definitely the way it used to work. But, very often things do change without updates being provided.

My understanding of the SVG spec is the best thing to do is explicitly set the size in physical units of the SVG.

GFUI pays attention to this, and I suspect other design software does as well.

Here’s my test: 1 inch squares in different DPI, all will render correctly in GFUI

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