8 glasses a day tracker

I am sure there are many opinions on the what is a healthy amount and it varies from person to person and climates. But I think it is a pretty good memory trick 8 x 8. It’s been pretty hot here lately and started trying to drink more water. So I made this project to help me track my usage.

Press the button and it adds to the count. Each night it resets to zero.

It is using an ESP8622 board and a strip of RGB LEDs. The code is still in progress, and the structure needs a tweak or two. But is pretty close to what I imagined.


Probably a good idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super cool! I have a 32oz bottle I drink out of, and I try to drink four of those a day. Some days are easier than others, and what I’ve noticed is adding something to enhance the flavor of the water makes it much easier.


I recommend the single barrel - it is so much smoother than regular jack.


Pretty cool! My hydration is so low tech.


In any case … makes it fun!