900 Laser Cut Tags for 450 Cookies #GSL18

My wife got a commission to create 450 cookies as a Save The Date gift and I got to create the Save The Date tag and our marketing tag behind it. I printed tag sets on our laser printer and then laser cut details out of them plus the outlines. Quite a process to align all those cuts.

My wife baked the chocolate chip and macaroon cookies and then tied the tags on.

Here’s the finished result.


that was a very cool idea and I love how it came out.

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so did you print the text that you wanted and then stuck the sheets into your GF to finish it off?

That is one impressive pile of cookies. :heart_eyes:

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450, that’s a lot! how long did it take you to cut out each one? i presume you were cutting out big sheets.

i’ve done some small wood tags before, but only one side and only about 100 of them.


Nice job! But I think I’m going to need to inspect some of those cookies… for science.


Yes. I created an .AI file that included my print art and cut lines along with some alignment dots.

  1. I printed the sheets with print art and alignment dots, but cut lines hidden.
  2. Then I turned off print art and turned on cut lines with alignment dots and saved as an SVG. I imported the SVG to the GFUI.
  3. I put each sheet on the Glowforge. I used magnets to mark where my lower left corner should be and another below the right corner. 4. Then I cut the alignment dots to see how far off I was and then shifted, cut, shifted, cut until I was aligned and then turned off alignment dots and cut the shapes.
  4. Rinse the bits and repeat.

I cut 19/sheet of card stock. So it took a while. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only took 00:1:46 per sheet. Most of the time was alignment and cleaning up the little bits after each cut.



Here they are prior to the crowd leaving the session.

BTW, Simon Sinek was phenomenal, as usual.


Big project … Great job!

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Holy cow! One heck of a project to try to pull off! That little stack of tags…whew! :grinning:

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Thanks. That stack was just about 50 tags. My wife says that we were closer to 525 cookies with 2 tags each. The Glowforge makes this possible for the masses. Amazing.


Thanks. Thrilled with the result.