911 help

Our owner account(ssincity) has once again been compromised by someone at GF. This is the 3rd time someone there has change ownership back to the prev owner of the GF we bought and paid for. Last time our CC was compromised and charged. As of this morning the prev ower is listed in place of me and we had to add as a user just to post for HELP! I have sent yet another email to support but posting here seems to get the fastest response. Due to the amount of times this has happened we feel that contacting the Internet Fraud Dept may be our next step.

There should never be any changes to our account by GF support with out our consent! Also NOT being able to place a call to support or to have them even call to apologize for screwing up our account and CC the last time is a little irritating!

I can’t help, but I can at least say that sounds infuriating. Good luck!

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Thank you for raising this issue. We’re investigating. Since the issue involves your account details, we’ll reply to your email shortly.

I just had the same issue !!! disturbing

This is very disturbing and lets talk about this for a quick minute:

You mention

change ownership back to the prev owner

Is this a case of GlowForge doing it or the Original Owner signing back into Glowforge ?
Have you called them ?

Who at Glowforge would have that ability to Suspend an Switch an Account ?

How did you find out that the account was switched back to the original owner ?

When you do get it switched back is your Profile back in tact ?

What are the steps that you had to take to get it back ?

Is it a quick fix or does work flow go to ZERO

YEP disturbing !

First off the seller was not very helpful either did not care or too busy with his wedding. Had to basically bug the crud out of him to contact GF to swap machine name and ownership status to me.

We even contacted GF with very little response even over time. It was not until the prev owner added us as a “USER” that GF even replied to our request for change of ownership and machine name.

When GF finally did so we changed password so prev owner had no way to get in. We updated all info including CC.

Last time my CC was charged for some material that was ordered by him for us. Not sure HOW he got them to order material by him but in his slight defense he said he was buying it for us as a “sorry” about all the delay on him contacting GF and this other mess. SO WHY WAS MY CARD CHARGED AND WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE NAME BACK TO HIS?

So all was good after it was fixed. Then I went to post and it said that I had to wait X amount of hours to post again as I was new. Now mind you that I had already been posting and replying and messaging. So I figured something went wrong again and sure enough HIS name was on the account. Mine was no where to be found. Had to add husband as user just to post for help. So frustrated over all this. Its like something fishy is going on!

There should NEVER be any account info changed with out the owners approval and sure the heck with out them being notified!

As of this I just checked and its HIS(prev owner) name with our address. I can update it but would rather leave it until GF fixes it or when my Husband that works in the firearm industry talks to one of his FBI contacts this week sometime about it all.

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That escalated quickly.

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Thanks so much for posting about this. It has to be frustrating. The whole online account thing for basic use certainly has its vulnerabilities that might have been minimized in the pre-production days. Hope they get it sorted out for you, permanently.


It will be more on a buddy to buddy type of what should we do to protect our identities. So I am not implying that I am going to do anything.

Thank you. We are not sure and I guess I should be a little more careful of pointing fingers. Who knows who is at fault.

I feel that with so many that are being re sold now days that GF should create a whole section for pre owned users as well as create brand new accounts and not just swap the names.

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Ok < I think where things went wrong is when HE went to purchase you material and most likely had to login with again a new password. This would make some sense as to how it happened.

Glowforge obviously does not have any policy yet on repurchases or used machine, I would imagine now that the can of worms is out they will be working on a better system.

Adding a person to the glowforge after it is sold is a very BAD SYSTEM> and reminds me of ADOBE and how they screwed over everyone that purchased a Used Copy from someone else by just revoking the license keys years latter.

thanks for the details,


Good thinking BUT the email and recovery is MY email and was no longer HIS! So there should have been no PW reset for him as it would have come to me.

I apologize that you’ve had such a frustrating experience. Our team discovered a bug in our eCommerce system that caused a field to update incorrectly. As a result, there are some users whose shipping address was replaced with the address of a different user who shared the same first name. Our team has resolved the bug and fixed the impacted accounts. If your account was impacted, you will need to re-enter your shipping address the next time you place an order. We have examined each of the transactions on the affected accounts and confirmed that no orders were processed with incorrect credit card information. If you have any questions about your account, please contact us at support@glowforge.com so we can investigate for you.