A 2 part post!




Part 1

I have been loving my Glowforge! It has enabled me to start my online store which you can find here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RenegadeGoodsShop?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

Part 2

My one question is if anyone else has found plywood that is similar to proofgrade out in the wild? I ask only because the cost per board is pretty high for the amount you get (maybe it’s just me), so I was wondering if anyone else has found material that might work just as well?

For my shop, it would be fantastic to be able to get material if I am in a pinch or between plywood orders. I tried 3/4 inch white Baltic birch plywood (my local wood seller said that’s what laser folks use for their projects0 and found that it’s just a hair too thick for the Glowforge basic I have at home.

Anyway, thanks for any help or warnings you fine folks might have!


Search for “material_name source” will generally net you results. In this case the best sources for Baltic are usually local hardwood shops. I get mine in 5’x5’ sheets for about $15 usd. The supplier will cut it into 12x20” pieces for me, works out to about $1.10 per full gf sheet.


Is the Baltic birch plywood the way to go you think? Also, can you find it in the same thickness as the proofgrade material? Or is it a matter of settings on the laser? B/c it basically etched the back the wood without cutting all the way through when I used the Proofgrade setting for the cutting portion.

Thanks for the reply!


Baltic isn’t proofgrade, you’ll have to get your own settings dialed in. In fact I color code all my sheets with a magic marker stripe down the edge: you see variance between indicidual sheets sometimes.

If you search for “Baltic settings”, this has been talked about at serious length elsewhere… I posted my go to settings for engraving and cutting a while back.


Thanks much! This has been very helpful!


When I use 1/8" Baltic Birch I use PG Maple play settings and that works fine.

Your original post said you did 3/4" - did you mean 1/4"? If so and Full & slow doesn’t work, you can try speeding up a bit and doing 2 passes - that keeps you from charring it.


I used the Maple plywood settings on some colored 1/8" Baltic Birch from The Wood Gallery. It cut clean through, but got some flashback in areas where a lot of lines were together. I didn’t care about the backside so it worked out okay for me.


I need to get 1/8’’ Baltic Birch next time. Might use the 3/4 for other projects.