A big thank you to everyone responding to my post on smells..the bot cut me off to replying too much!

the moderator bot cut me off last night before I could say thank you to everyone! So, not wanting to go through the headache again, I have a two step action plan in process. Purchased the Ac Infinity 6" fan and upgraded hose and adaptors. I am also purchasing a ZipWall dust barrier system for $139.00 which will enclose the entire area for extra protection. I am super healthy, the headache and nausea last night were a great reminder to get this right from day 1. will let you know how the new setup works out!


When you get your fan - place it at the end of the run right after the hose. That way it’ll pull all the smoke out rather than push smoke into your room through any leaks/pinholes. You can safely leave it running even when the GF isn’t running a job to keep pulling any residual smoke out.


^^^ THIS !!!
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Linking the old thread so in the future someone can find it.

Yay for solutions - and when you look at hoses, get one of the ones that’s padded/insulated. That way even if the inner hose develops pinholes nothing make it through the insulation :slight_smile:
I got this one: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B075J7ZYT8/


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Slow to repost but I was able to get the AC Infinity with better hoses all set up, tripled taped and running. Tiny bit of smell now, so did not set up the paint/clean room…it is bearable. Thank you all for the help!