A Birthday Of Lasers

Last weekend was a busy one! My son turned 8 and it was a fun party. He chose laser tag for his activity. He is a huge Harry Potter fan so naturally that was the theme. To put the GF to work we decided on backpack name tags with a lightning bolt scar which were so EASY to do with FiendFyre (Fiend Fyre is the name of our GF —> FiendFyre - Killer of Horcruxes and Maker of Fine Goody Bag Stuff!).

We put all of our home maker space equipment to work and 3D printed owls and Felix Felices potion bottles, too.

I made the cake - a beat up old potions book with lots of spills and plenty of graffiti. We also dipped pretzel rods for edible wands!

We are mean parents! Which means we believe that Thanks You notes are compulsory. If you have the party and expect gifts a thank you note is the least you can do. To make it a tad more fun, we put the GF to work again and lasered some Thanks You notes on card stock with HP font. There is plenty of room for a personalised note. It will be like pulling teeth to get them done, but hopefully the homemade card

CBF540D1-CCA1-46EA-81CD-624496B5FFD1IMG_6608s will be a little pain relief!


Looks like it was a great party !! As long as the :glowforge: didn’t participate in the laser tag…:open_mouth:


ZAP! We kept it at 1000 speed power 1. Only a graze at worst!


I think you are a fabulous parent! What an amazing party this must have been.


Holy cow! Those are some incredible party favors! :grinning:
(Cake’s stunning!)



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Thanks @cynd11! It was a good party. Not sure a bunch of 8 year olds could ask for more!

The GF made the favours easy and so did my Prusa. They both are fun to use! The truth of it is is that I really enjoyed doing the came most of all. I like being in the kitchen and it is an extension of my maker space!

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Wow - looks like your son had a magical birthday!

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