A box only a maker could love--- ugly caddy for CA glues

For someone who has written the tutorials for F360 I sure stink at it. Had to trash the first draft altogether and the second still has mistakes but none of them fatal.

I have a bunch of 0.200" ply around from some project that I don’t even remeber and it is going to become all kinds of trays and such for getting me organized. This stuff will really make you appreciate :proofgrade: , it chares and smokes but the :glowforge: plows right through.

I have gotten where for 90% of my projects I like CA glues. Yes, some things will always require yellow wood glue or epoxy but most quick jobes work great with a good CA.

I made this to hold a can of activator, up to three large CA’s from FastCap, and several more small tubes so I can always have just the right viscosity at hand.


I love this design, and I’m trying to do the same thing for CA glues and plastic polishes and wood glues out the wazoo! (Tools next…i see you’ve got yours neatly organized in your pyramid.) :grinning:


Yup, that’s the goal, get everything into grab and go sets so it can be used instead of hunting for it.
One day I’ll be fully organized!


I know me, and know that will likely never happen…but I have got to find a “home” for all of this stuff. Even if it’s temporary, i need a place to know that it goes, instead of all over the desktop. :grinning:

(And the next 3 weeks are going to be nose to the grindstone…our oldest nephew on my side of the family is getting married next month, and they’re stopping off here to visit on the way back from the honeymoon. There is literally no place to put them right now.)

(He’s too young! He’s just a kid! I feel old. I will probably be a great-aunt soon, especially if they sleep in the guest bedroom, which has a pretty good track record for visitors.)

I need to think of something laser-cool to give them, in addition to the honeymoon.


I was going to say that it’s really not that ugly and you’re just over critical, but then I opened the pic. Yep, pretty fugly box you got there. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That you made it in F360 is a big accomplishment though. I’ve opened the program twice to try and make something useful instead of artsy and just said nope, aint going to happen. I need to make some of these cool organizers ya’ll are making and will just have to resign myself to using someone else’s file. Thank goodness there’s some talented folks here!


Fusion 360 is anything but instant gratification, work through my tutorials and you’ll be able to make one of these as well probably a lot better.
If I ever get to the point where I think I’ve truly mastered fusion360 I will be quite proud of myself!


Thats my plan too… eventually… If I could split my brain up so each grab-and-go set had what it needed, I’d be set, but as of now I have to search for that crucial piece of the puzzle. :slight_smile:


Good job. I hear good things about the 2P-10 CA glue. You like it?

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It’s great stuff. You can get a set with all four of their thicknesses plus debonder and activator for $30 from Amazon.


I like everything about it but the price.
They know that they have a winner and charge accordingly.
That 10 oz bottle and the can of activator was over $60!
Thing is, a bottle goes a long way and saves all kinds of time.
There is not a FastCap product that I’ve not been impressed with after I got over the sticker shock.


I was shocked by the price of it too. I don’t have any.
That’s kind of like West Systems epoxy. They are proud of that stuff!

I have the Glubot from Fast Cap and I like it. It was actually quite cheap though.

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You gotta label it so everyone knows what’s inside!


Chuckle! Like that font choice too! :grinning::+1:


The font was the first thing that I noticed. Great choice, the box looks good too. :grin:

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I’m a wood turner and I could see having many of these types of holders for my CA glue, sand paper, pen parts and such. This is an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!


I have had a lot of ideas on these since making the first one. I really think I’ll revisit this and make enough variants to make it nearly universal and then create a few temples where an end user of the design can do just a little bit more and have a caddy just for his or her hobby.


What thickness is the draft wood and which settings did you use?

Agreed. I’ll never get to doing that either