A Busy Day in the Art Room

I love the weekends! The weekends are for Glowforging!

And getting ready for the Halloween Craft Markets.

I’m not sure where the affinity for tic-tac-toe comes from, but I can’t seem to stop coming up with new ideas for game boards. This Halloween-themed, Skull & Crossbones tic-tac-toe was a blast to make.

In keeping with the Halloween theme, I came up with this coffin box. It will be the draw prize at one of the markets.

71300380_1206486249536526_8857701884232728576_n 71302465_348939942489576_3558865061730582528_n

And just because I love making them, another D&D Dice Box. The chain detail is so fun!


Tomorrow, Tarot Card Boxes are on the agenda. And I have an order for a book box. Thank goodness for boxes.py!


Wow, busy day indeed! Really fun designs, and I’m sure will be loved by many!!


Love the coffin!


The tic tac toe is great!


Thank you, @bansai8creations!

Thank you, @ChristyM! It was a bit fussy to put together, but it turned out not too bad. The felt lining hid all the inner flaws! LOL

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Thank you, @bkressley!

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Looks like you had a great weekend! Some really great projects!

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