A cool Kickstarter (for inspiration)




Laser cut kits seem to be popular on kick starter I notice.


I noticed that influx as well.


Just posted that one in the ‘ambitious projects’ file!


I swear someone early on labelled GlowForge as a “Kickstarter Maker”

Could have been another similar project to the Forge. But apt.


This is sweet. Thanks for pointing out that Kickstarter is a great idea generator. I don’t believe I have ever even visited the site. Patreon for a few artists, but not Kickstarter.


It is dangerous to venture into that site. Just never make an account and you are semi-safe :smiley:


That would be Dan. I think he said that his dream was to have Glowforge launch a thousand kickstarters.


Those kits are really cool. Is there a community or group somewhere on the web that tend to design and build stuff like this already? I had plans to engrave stuff for bigger builds and a few smaller art projects, but I want to make those models now!!


I would be interested in this too!!!


Another interesting kickstarter.

While not laser cut ( wood is cut/carved), the signs an could definately be done on laser ( or may have been). Not to mention what additional locales you could create/add.


These guys have launched a christmas one if anyone is interested: