A couple ideas for some UI Control Dialogues

In the GUI, it would be nice to have a dialogue where you could type in the exact intended dimensions of your design, should you decide to resize it, rather than having to eyeball it against the rulers.

Also, on some designs which may have unconnected parts, there’s a constant potential to miss some straggling element while you’re attempting to grab the design and move/manipulate it. This is especially true if you’ve laid your design in place, but find you need to zoom in to fine-tune your placement, but parts of the design maybe be off the current view of the screen, because when you zoom, your active selection is lost, and you have to reselect to do anything. It would be nice to maybe have some kind of command/checkbox to “Select All” of your design, to make sure no little parts are getting left behind. You could always uncheck it, if you find you’d like to go back to the way things are now and select specific elements to move/delete/resize.

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Give Control +A a try


oh, hey! that’s nice!

okay, scratch that second suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion, @tony.sausageking ! I’ll make sure the team receives it.