A couple of tall wallets

Designed by me and cut out with the glowforge. One cork wallet (yes I made sure it was safe), and one leather wallet.

I made a leather one like this for my husband a couple of years back…it held up better than I thought it would for the first one I ever made. But this one had the problems from wallet number one fixed. I’m happy enough to share it now :slightly_smiling_face:


“Tallets”. Missed opportunity.


Ahaha! Yep, totally missed. :confused:

Corklets? :grin:

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I have had a few tall wallets and I like how they stay thin, but if not wearing a jacket they are not easy to transport, (unless you want to chain it to your belt. AKA ‘biker mode’).

This one came out great and I am sure he proudly shows it off.


Yes, the husband likes the slim too. He doesn’t seem to have problems with them fitting his pockets, and if we are somewhere crowded, he’ll normally take it out of his back pocket and put it somewhere more secure. He also often wears cargo style pants, and those leg pockets are great!


Great job. Congratulations!

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Love both, but the cork is extra special. Cork and cork fabrics are my favorite to work with!


The cork one is especially cool!

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Love the cork!

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