A couple questions about selling your GF

We are about to move overseas and very sadly won’t be able to take our GF. Can anyone give a little guidance on how to transfer ownership? Also Does anyone have experience use their GF with a phone hotspot? Our unit is currently in a storage space and we’re trying to think of ways that we can easily demonstrate that it is working.

I can’t believe we have to let this go.


Oh, I’m sorry…hopefully you’ll have great adventures there though, to make up for the loss.

I believe that once you sell the machine, both you and the new owner will need to contact support to let them know so they can transfer the ownership. They can fill you in on what’s involved, but it’s just them making the transfer on their end, I think.

Good luck!


Thank you. I expected it would be a simple thing.

The adventures will be grand no doubt. We’ve come to really love the GF and letting go of it is surprisingly hard.


You do realize it will be incredibly expensive to get another if overseas?
Just saying. You have that bird in your hand at the moment.

That is a big part of why it’s so hard to let it go. It is an amazing tool that has empowered us to create things with elegance and simplicity. Sigh

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What I did was add the new user/owner to the account (so that they have immediate access for usage), and then email support to ask them to transfer ownership to that account, and it was seamless.

Using your phone hotspot should be pretty easy. You’ll press and hold the button and then just set it up like it was a new machine.

One thing I would be careful of though are the temps. Not sure where you are located, but it’s still hot here. You want to make sure it actually runs during the demo and isn’t in too hot of an environment. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your move!


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